Munich (2005)

Some of Steven Spielberg‘s best work. As he is gaining the freedom to do what he wants, he is taking advantage of it in a really great way. Making message films that won’t necessarily please a universal audience. My only complaints were that it felt a wee bit patronizing by the end. The entire movie is setting up this idea of “war and the warrior-is it worth it in the end and if not, why do we continue to fight so passionately?” Granted, this is a powerful message and should be made clear, but it’s more powerful when the audience can find it on their own.

Eric Bana as Avner was intense and powerful. His accent was perfect throughout. This was equally indicative of the directing, but it was impressive how much you ended up feeling what his character felt. I don’t know about Oscar-worthy, but definitely notable and memorable.  I liked the cinematography. It was washed out and felt aged in an appropriate way. I guess I mainly just liked the lighting in particular. The scenes in the French countryside were beautiful.

Once I had decided that the story itself was not true (I wasn’t sure going into it) the movie really came together. We’re at a time in history where retaliation is a significant issue and I think Munich had some interesting things to say about it.

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