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The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford (2007)

By the end of this film, one can’t help but feel they’ve been misled a little by the character of Robert Ford, or perhaps, not so much by the character but by the characterization. Initially Ford comes off as a lesser dimwit in the midst of dimwits. A slow-moving type with grandeur delusional perhaps only in the presence of one so grand as Jesse James. As things progress, Ford proves himself to be, at least in his company, capable of something. As things progress it appears that perhaps it is not his mettle that proves him less than, but simply his youth. Perhaps, had Ford lived a different life in a different place, he would have done something of note, and made a name for himself other than “coward.” As it is, the only way Ford could ever achieve the notoriety he was so desperate for, was to murder one as notorious as Jesse James. And so, he found what he was looking for. Continue reading