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Chronicle (2012)

We’re coming off a decade-plus of a widely collaborative and wildly successful “superhero movie” exploration, which has led to not just an impressive quantity of genre-specific titles, but a remarkable variety of stories and treatments. Which is all just a nice way of saying that the superhero flick has been done to death. Don’t get me wrong, some of the most exciting movie events of all time have been for superhero movies, and more than that, a keystone of the Visual Effects Renaissance has been movies about people with astonishing, life-altering, brightly-colored powers. But as the market goes, so goes Hollywood, and the marketability of comic book stories is in decline. Fortunately, nobody bothered to mention this to newcomer Josh Trank, who has somehow, someway, created a comic book movie that satisfies the craving while remaining (gasp!) wholly original.

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