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Iron Man II (2010)

Here’s what I’m going to do: In honor of this being an Iron Man II review, I’m going to break it down into two parts: My general opinions of the film and my thoughts on the incredibly frustrating Terrence Howard/Don Cheadle fiasco.  The first is important to you, while the second is mostly important to me.  You’ll read it anyway.

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Sin City (2005)

As my friend Preston put it, “I have been waiting for a movie like this.” It’s been awhile since I saw a film that felt as flawless as this one. The story develops appropriately, and certainly feels like Pulp Fiction, but, as much as the characters don’t need to be accountable as real people, I would dare to say that it excels past Tarantino’s best film. The three stories that develop in the film mix horrific violence with dark humor and translate to some of the best noir I’ve ever seen. Aside from how great the story was, as well as the characters (Mickey Rourke, Clive Owen, and Bruce Willis are all phenomenal) the film looks amazing! Every shot is a masterpiece, and the colors give each character their own personality. I think what it comes down to is that movies like this are the next step in film. Yes we can make movies that look visually stunning, but when we are able to do that in a way that only lends itself to the story, and in no way has to hold it up, that’s the true compilation of technology and great writing