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Buried (2010)

What is it about claustrophobia that people find so terrifying?  Often it seems tied inherently to death, but in every case the two certainly aren’t connected, yet claustrophobia remains for many a nightmarish prospect.  The physical constriction.  The loss of the air.  The darkness.  It’s an entirely sensory experience and perhaps this is why it’s nearly impossible to rationalize.  And perhaps this is why up-and-comer Rodrigo CortésBuried is so intensely effecting.  While there may be time to think about what’s happening, there’s not all that much to think about, which means the viewer expends far more energy simply experiencing the film.  Bearing in mind the simplicity of this concept, the utter spareness of the production, and the reliance on the singular performance of Ryan Reynolds, Buried truly is something to see.  Or, more to the point, something to feel.

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