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Anchorman (2004)

Doesn’t it seem as though the SNL crossover into movies is sort of a cursed venture?  So many competent comedians have failed trying to bring their brand of funny to the big screen, whether in the form of a popular Saturday Night character or something original.  Yet somehow, Will Ferrell has prevailed.  Not that it’s been a completely successful run.  Remember Kicking and Screaming? But if you break down his career he does seem to be, for the most part, successful.  It could be that he’s just that much funnier, or more likeable, or business savvy than a Molly Shannon or Tim Meadows.  Or maybe he’s just lucky.  Whatever the reason, Will Ferrell has claimed a spot among the elite comedic actors of all time, and though he’s got a few crapfests under his belt, it’s movies like Anchorman that keep his momentum building.

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