Apocalypto (2006)

I think that Mel Gibson has some good qualities as a director. He understands the essential elements of story and he is a very good director for actors. All of the acting in the film was really excellent. Also, he’s a very intense story teller which can work well…sometimes. I think that what he needs to figure out is how to tell a story with more depth than just, “here are the good guys. here are the bad guys. root for the good guys.” That’s basically all that Apocalypto is. What made the movie interesting was the setting. He did an excellent job of establishing the setting and he clearly did tons of research which I’ve gotta respect. My only other main criticism is that there is an excess of violence. I think there’s something to be said for subtle violence and the suggestion of things. Realism is great and important, but pushing the realism in your story can hurt it and pull the viewer away from the whole things.

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