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2013’s Top Nine


So here they are, my best of 2013. I’ll allow my two-month demurral and the list’s incompleteness (who does a top nine?) to speak for the sort of year I had in the theaters. Still, I saw enough to have an opinion and I’m going to share it with you.


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The 2012 Wertzies : Part Three


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The 2012 Wertzies : Part Two


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The 2012 Wertzies : Part One


2012 was a year to remember.

An exceptional and exceptionally diverse collection of film makers put together an array of movies that were, more often than not, pretty damn good. It’s years like this that remind a guy why he fell in love with film in the first place.

And with another year comes another Wertzies.

For this, my 3rd annual collection of the year’s Best Movie Stuff, I’ve added a few categories: Part One will include my picks for Best Visual Effects, and Part Three will feature a list of the year’s 10 Best Moments. Otherwise you can expect to see my favorite Screenplays, Directors, Actors & Actresses, the Most Overrated, and of course, the Best Movies of the Year*.


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The 2010 Wertzies

And so, the first annual Wertzies.  My loving and mildly slipshod contribution to the 2010 Motion Picture Awards Season.  While other awards may be built by committee or drawn from a more legitimate cross section of the year’s films, The Wertzies come with the personal guarantee of being authentically my opinion.  Of the films released in 2010, these are the Directors, Actors, Actresses, Screenplays and Pictures that impressed me the most.

As for organization, each award will be a breakdown of the award winner, any runners up, and brief thoughts on the award category.  There will be a maximum of five Runners Up and no minimum, and each one will be listed in order from first runner up to last.  As for my thoughts, these will primarily focus on whatever I consider to be the most compelling aspect of that contest.  Otherwise this should be fairly straight forward, and, as always, thoughts are appreciated.


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Top 5 Films of 2010

As the season turns and we move toward the heartiest portion of the filmic year, it seems as good a time as any to take stock of what’s been seen thus far.  Certainly I haven’t made it to the theater for every new release, but 2010 has been for me a year of unrivaled theater going.  There are films on the horizon; Black Swan, The Fighter, True Grit and so on that promise to, at the very least, introduce some interesting characters and concepts, and at best hoist a golden statue at the 83rd Academy Awards.  Still, the year so far, while at times inevitably shallow and frustrating, has still seen some remarkable motion pictures pass into history.

Here are my Top Five…

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