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Avatar (2009)

A glance at James Cameron‘s filmography reveals a Director mildly obsessed with doing things on an epic scale.  The only names that come to mind who might epic him out of the top spot would be Bay and Bruckheimer, and those guys don’t generally hold a lot of water with critical minds.  Cameron however seems to ride that line between over the top and elegant.  The distinction most probably lies with Cameron’s credits as a Director and a Writer.  While technology and visual magnificence hold his regard, I don’t believe they do so exclusively.  Particularly with his last few films, James Cameron has shone an eye for story that allows him to do the remarkable things he can do visually while not bombarding his audience with absurd or scoff-worthy moments.  This is not to say that Cameron isn’t melodramatic, but coupling melodrama with compelling characters, complex situations and, again, astonishing visual effects, might just be the perfect recipe for the epic of the new millennium.

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