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The Ides of March (2011)

Maybe cynicism comes with age. As the world reveals its endless potential for deception and betrayal, it becomes harder and harder to maintain idealism. This must be true with regard to political cynicism or apathy, as the perpetual cycle of that world is masterful deceit and earth-shattering revelation, and anyone paying even the slightest bit of attention seems to understand that politicians simply cannot be trusted. Running for political office means maintaining a pretense of white teeth and talking points; ostensibly being whatever voters want you to be. Unfortunately, this facade is easily shattered and nearly impossible to regain, an idea taken to its deepest depths in George Clooney’s latest direction, The Ides of March.

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Win Win (2011)

The notion of an anti-hero is so commonplace these days, finding a truly unflawed altruist in a film is nearly impossible. All the genuine heroes are delegated to fantasy, where characters are stereotypes, and often incapable of doing wrong. Win Win though presents us with an anomaly: A thoroughly nice guy, who has always done the right thing simply because he knows it to be right. Taking a character like this one through a moral gambit is the strongest puzzle piece in Director Thomas McCarthy‘s third film. While an audience will always root for a film’s protagonist, it’s hard not to feel personally invested when that protagonist is an authentic nice guy.

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