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Flight (2012)

Without question, the most affecting moment in Flight is the pivotal crash sequence. Less than 15 minutes into the film we are immersed in the visceral bedlam of an airplane hurtling towards the ground. Director Robert Zemeckis points his camera at any and every element of the terrifying situation, from the malfunctioning engines, to the haywire instrument panels, to the panicked passengers, allowing his pilot protagonist—Whip Whitaker—to serve as the calm center. Frequent flyers will almost certainly recall this scene the next time their plane hits some turbulence—a testament to the pure, horrifying authenticity of Flight‘s instigating moment. Unfortunately, once their plane settles back into the clouds, they’ll be left to ponder the rest of the film, and how a stellar beginning could result in such a lackluster finish.

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The Hurt Locker (2009)

With The Hurt Locker, I ended up watching a very different film than I intended to.  The plan was to sit down and enjoy a dramatic war movie with nuanced performance and subtlety; an Oscar contender.  By the end though, I was watching a high suspense thriller that happens to take place in Iraq.  It’s not an insignificant difference, and it was one I needed to make before I could fully appreciate what I was watching.  Expectation is often the bane of a viewer’s existence, and that’s never more true than when one finally watches an Academy nominee.  The film was released on June 26th and Oscar-buzz began shortly thereafter.  Ever since then, our unformed opinions have been molded by everything BUT the movie itself.  I hate this for a number of reasons, but mostly because it’s unavoidable.  Either see it opening day, or go live in a cave.  Otherwise you had better be prepared to do battle with the forces of subjective opinion, because brother, they’re a-comin.

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