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American Hustle (2013)



I just don’t have much to say about American Hustle. Not for lack of trying, but the film hasn’t given me much to think about since I saw it a week ago. It’s a perfectly okay movie built on a mildly interesting true story that has a few things to say about the follies of greed, and includes a pair of knockout performances. But more than all that, and first, it’s a film that reminds you how utterly flaky Academy voters can be.

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The Fighter (2010)

It seems that every year there’s a film like this.  A film that ends up feeling weighted more towards character portrayal than big picture.  A film with at least one performance almost guaranteed to bring home the Oscar.  Last year it was Jeff Bridges in Crazy Heart. Before that Heath Ledger in The Dark Knight. Before that Daniel Day-Lewis in There Will Be Blood.  The list goes on.  It’s not that David O. Russell‘s The Fighter is an incomplete film as much as it’s so entirely driven by its actors.  This based-on-a-true-story is clean and concise, and doesn’t require much sifting to get at a core comprised of an underdog vs. the world and the massive weight of his family.

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Batman Begins (2005)

You know what my least favorite part of Batman Begins is?  The title.  Batman Begins. It just kind of sits there on the page, doing absolutely nothing to excite me about what it is I came to see.  The movie is based on a graphic novel titled Batman : Year One, which itself is cleaner and sounds much less like a kid’s picture book than the former.  Luckily though, marketing a film goes far, far outside of just the title and Batman Begins flat appellation effects very little of the film it precedes.

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